Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring 2009

As I went through my typical search of the area stores for Spring/Easter, I found little that was different that I was impressed with that I didn’t already have. However I did find the item below at Hobby Lobby that was 40% off, which put the cost at just under $9. Several months ago I had purchased small lucite(I think) Scotties off of ebay in pink or lavender plaid, and knew that I could probably score something to put them on the closer it got to Easter-and this Welcome Spring decoration ended up being just the right colors.

This shot shows the general width that lends so much sturdiness to this item. I wondered if perhaps it was possibly meant to be a door topper as I can see where if you have an older home with the wide oak or walnut molding, or a new home with thick wide molding around the doors, it probably could be used that way. In the end I would have to try the Scottie-decorated item up over the doorway to see if the little Scottie decorations would still show up before I would use it that way. They are so small and charming you wouldn’t want them to be indistinguishable because they are up too high.

What I liked about this decoration is that it was wide enough at the base of the initial W, the middle S, and the final G , that I could mount 3 scotties giving the base balance and contrasting color.

Then I had to tackle how to create the effect of random movement in these little stationary items, and also give thought to maintaining balance across the top, keeping in mind that these hard, clear, lucite Scotties are absolutely not pliable and all need maximum wood surface of the letters to stick on in order to be supported. I used two surfaces or letters whenever I could—one for the feet to stick to and the other to mount the butt against. I experimented with many placements of the Scotties until I was happy

The picture below is the paint-on adhesive that was my choice for bonding these scotties. When it dries it has the consistency of that gel that they are currently using to send samples through the mail that are meant to be picked off the paper and used-only this glue is stickier and thinner. The last thing in the mail I got that used this was either a saturated cloth of a new furniture polish they came out with, or a new fabric softener sheet. I would always pick off the sample AND the gel piece that I then rolled in a ball, stored, and told myself that someday it would mount something and I would be glad I saved it. But somehow they tend to dry up and not stay sticky so I haven’t used one yet-but just having them in the house gave me the idea that if I painted the bottom of the feet (and sometimes the butts) of the Scotties multiple times (letting each coat dry in between), maybe I could build up a clear gel-like coat that would act like those I’ve been stockpiling. I was lucky in that it did exactly what I wanted. My thought was that I might even take these Scotties off this spring decoration and use them on something else because the glue claims that if you allow the glue to fully dry before you mount your item, it truly does let you lift and stick the item again. I can verify that this works-and the converse it true—if you forget to let it dry, you are not separating either of your surfaces forever. I would have to see however if pulling these off will tend to take up pieces of the paint underneath- if it does I’m going to reinforce the Scotties permanently along the top of the letters with Aleene’s regular glue at the junction on their backside where they join to the wood. You want to be able to store this after you’re done with it and get it out next year without the Scotties falling off.

P.S. ( Anybody who wants jars of little balled up gel pieces from mailed samplers should show up at my husband’s garage sale after I die-he will have no clue what these are and will tell people I must have been suffering Alzheimer’s before I passed and left him with all my clutter. He also will give away very valuable crafts supplies without the slightest clue. (If you email me now, I can put you on my contact list labeled “The End Has Come” and if he can remember how to use the computer to send something out, you’ll know when the sale will be)

This is the finished item. I can work this into my d├ęcor now and keep it up as I now go scouting for true Easter items to embellish.

Once this is was made up it lent itself to all kinds of creative combinations.